Liberplay | Division S - Hate
Hard Rock
Division S

This is the band with two faces, at least. The difference between Division S's different disc releases is huge. Here on Liberplay you will find the debut album Attack, which was a rather classic album from the white rock of the past. Rock mixed with punk and clear national lyrics. In addition to the title track, songs like Vår medicin and the song with the flattering name Hora can be recommended.

But over the years, the Stenhamra band wanted to be different and released the year after the album Hate. A much harder and more depressing disc with a completely different aggressive sound. According to rumors, the band was thinking about completely renaming this album release, which you can understand, because it sounds like a completely different band than what was heard in the debut.

On Hate, however, there is a song that stands out. The punkish and must-influenced Vilse i pannkakan. However, the song that may have lasted the longest is the song "Efter Revolutionen", listen and enjoy!

Legal owner: Midgård Records
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