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Warriors Glory (1990)
Bound for Glory

Bound for Glory is a product of Minnesota and and one of the biggest nationalist bands in the world. The American thrash metal band is not just one of the veterans on stage, BFG is also one of the most musical bands released on a nationalist record label, ever. As if the music wasn't enough, here you can also enjoy well-written and well-thought-out lyrics.

The band was formed in 1989 and has managed to release no less than 14 full-lengths since then. Among these releases is the album The fight goes On from 1994, where the band turns hard technical thrash with quiet ballads as in the song Our voice is stronger - recommended listening.

Those who are curious to hear more from the band members can look into bands like Bound for Attack which was a collaboration between Bound for Glory and Brutal Attack and Powerhäus which was an attempt to reach out into mainstream media but where members' nationalistic backgrounds put sticks in the wheels before the project even he get started for real.

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