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This page is only for people who want to publish their music in Liberplay, so if you´re just a regular guy who want to stream music with Freedom of Speech, please go to

So, what is Liberplay?

Well, Liberplay is like Spotify, but better. We believe in Freedom of Speech, like most of the other streaming services do not, here you are all welcome, regardless of political views. Since we are like you, we also want to give you back as much as possible. Because we know, that without money for your hard work, there is smaller chanses of more music in the future. So we built Liberplay so all bands and labels can make money in streaming, not just some. Have a great day!


Do you have a podcast?

Then you are welcome to upload your shows to Liberplay.

Artist or Label

Liberplays vision is to provide an alternative streaming platform for independent creators and owners of music and other streamable audio.

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