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  • First time user information

    Welcome to Liberplay.
    It seems like you are visiting for the first time. Please read this text since it contains important information.

    1. Please bear in mind that this is a early version of liberplay and there are likley serveral bugs we have not yet fixed. Please report bugs to
    2. While we belive in absolute freedom of speech we also need to follow local laws. If you find any ilict content please inform us at!
    3. If you have no subscription you are allowed to listen to our whole catalogue of songs, but only a preview version of 30 seconds
    4. Our offline feature is limited to web browser technology. This means that even we cache songs in the browser we have no real control over what is cached. Any errors in offline streaming is likley troubles in the webbrowser cache

  • How do I start streaming music?

    1. Sign up for an free account
    2. Log in to your account
    3. Tada! You can now stream to 30 secounds of all songs
    4. If you want to listen to the full-length songs, then:
    5. Upgrade your free account to a Mini, Premium or Supporter subscription
    6. Voila! You can now stream all of Liberplay

  • How do I play music?

    To play music, navigate to the artist or album pages. There you will have the options to either add the whole album/albums of the artist to the playlist, using this button: , or add specific songs to your playlist using this symbol: . You can also choose to Play songs now, using the play-symbol: Using "Play now" ignores your playlist choosen.

  • How does playlists work?

    • As a new user you have two playlists automaticly created for you, 'My playlist' which is the default playlist and 'Offline' playlist.
    • The offline playlist can have the amount of songs that is allowed by your subscription plan. You can always upgrade to get more offline songs.
    • To cache the offline songs, press the 'Synchronize' button in the top menu. This will clear the web browser cache for the site and redownload it again, including all songs in your offline playlist.
    • The offline functionality is using web browser technology for offline browsing. While this works quite well there are issues with it that cannot be resolved until we have our own liberplay app for mobile devices.
    • Issues that might arise when using offline functionality are things like web browser capabilities, diskspace, device capabilities. We try to make it as good as possible but we cannot guarantee it will work on all platforms.
    • The number of playlists you can have is dependent on your subscription plan. Plese look at your subscription page to see how many playlists your plan allows. The supporter plan allows for an infinite amount of playlists.
  • How does offline streaming work?

    Offline streaming uses the web browsers cache technology. When you press the synchronize button the cache for this site is cleared from the browser and redownloaded together with the songs in your offline playlist. While this works quite well it still requires a small amount of internet traffic but the songs are cached in the browser.

  • How fix problems with Liberplay on Safari / iOS / iPhone

    If you are using a iOS device and Safari webbrowser you can experience problems such as old data are being displayed when you upgraded your account.

    These errors are related to how Safari caches.

    To empty the cache for only

    • 1. Go to Settings in your phone
    • 2. Find the Safara App and click it
    • 3. Go to Site data (the first option)
    • 4. Click Advanced
    • 5. Find in the list of pages
    • 6. Swap right and click Delete

    • Payments & Subscriptions

    • Comparison of the subscriptions

      Free subscription

      • 30 secounds of the songs
      • Access to all media

      Mini subscription

      • € 7.99 /MON
      • Play in mobile or desktop
      • 10 Offline songs
      • 1 Device
      • Standard quality music
      • No Playlists

      Premium subscription

      • € 17.99 /MON
      • Play in mobile or desktop
      • 40 Offline songs
      • 3 Devices
      • High quality music
      • 10 Playlists
      • Share your Playlists in Liberplay *
      • Free stickers

      Supporter subscription

      • € 29.99 /MON
      • Play in mobile or desktop
      • 100 Offline songs
      • 6 Devices
      • High quality music
      • Unlimited number of Playlists
      • Share your Playlists in Liberplay *
      • Free stickers
      • Your unique message in Commercials *
      • Free t-shirt

      * Future function

    • How do I upgrade my subscription?

      Click on your email adress, that is displayed in the top right corner of Liberplay (desktop version), and then click "My Subscription" to change your Subscription.

    • How do I cancel my subscription?

      Click on your email adress, that is displayed in the top right corner of Liberplay (desktop version), and then click "My Subscription" to cancel your Subscription.

    • I want to upgrade my subscription, when will I receive the benefits of the new subscription?

      When upgrading your subscription your next payment will be the higher subscription plan, but you will receive the benefits of the higher plan immediately.

    • What payments do you accept?

      At the moment we offer credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

    • Do you keep my card information?

      No, we never keep any card information.


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